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We offer state of the art designing, building and delivery of your next quality made hull or boat. Please Review The Online Sales Policy FAQ Section Before Contacting.

Anyone considering a new boat or hull purchase should know about us and why we are the best choice for a new custom made boat or hull. Review our history that shows we are a family owned company building boats for over three generations. You will find Allmand Boats still on the water made in the 1960's through today. This company has a documented United States Coast Guard certification as an active United States boat builder in business since 1976. This information and direct contact with the United States Coast Guard provided on request.

We are custom boat builders delivering worldwide factory direct to the individual or commercial buyer saving customers thousands on quality custom made boats and hulls.

Or sales policy sorts out who we are able to do business with and who we are unable to assist. Qualified buyers receive 24/7 customer support. Our sales policy is as follows. TERMS are 50% is due at time of sale then we build the hull 100% made ready for engine,depending on the destination engine may be installed as well. All payments are by T/T. Once an order is completed we send photos of the order and the buyer has the option to inspect their order before paying the balance which is due before shipping.

If you are interested in our boats, hulls or manufacturing services then send us an email. We will reply to confirm general information and pricing as published on this web site. If a visitor requests detailed information, specs, or information not found on the web site we will be glad to priovide information after a pre-paid consultation fee has been received.If a potential customer wishes to proceed with an order then an order confirmation payment is due before an agreement invoice is issued.

If the visitor is a broker, dealer, NGO, or agent they must pay a consultation fee before any discussions on special pricing or terms are considered. Order confirmation or consultations are available for a fee selected from the pay pal menu below and is credited to any order. After the order is confirmed a representative will contact you to review details and finalize the order and shipping reservation. If you cannot pay by Pay Pal we will send you our bank wire instructions. It takes about 35 to 120 days to build a custom boat depending on the model.

After an order is confirmed the visitor becomes a valued paying customer and will receive access to 24/7 support.

The focus is providing boats to the individual or commercial customer who has a clear idea of what they need and cannot find their quality made custom designed boat anywhere else.PROS: 1. Because all boats are made to order the buyer has design and accessory options. 2. Boats are sold and shipped direct to the buyer from the factory, there is no dealer or middleman to add expensive overhead and profit. 3. Customization is routine; you choose brand name accessories, engines, electronics, equipment, options or the hull color you want and we make it happen without delay.CONS: 1. Our sales policy may not be suited for some new boat shoppers expecting retail dealer services such as a test ride, or showroom. 2.We do not submit written quotes, discuss pricing on custom boats without payment for research and design consultation. 3.We do not solicit existing or previous customers to exhibit their new boat or provide a reference.

Read on if you are still interested in more information on buying custom boats online.

The straight forward process for buying your custom made boats online is 100% safe and secure. Orders can be inspected before paying the balance before shipping to confirm your order is made to your instructions before shipping.

The buyer also has the option to pay with a letter of credit. That means the customer's bank holds all payments until the customer receives their order. Examples of routine online sales is described below.

For sales outside the U.S. A buyer selects one of our boats from the website. They either pay an order confirmation and invoice with delivery schedule or they pay for a consultation for research and design to finalize their order. Our terms are 50% advance, we then build the hull 100%. Upon completion we send the buyer photographs and certificate of origin. When balance is paid we ship to the buyer free of charge to any major sea port. The buyer is welcome to inspect their order in person before paying the balance. Any model can be made with or without engines for the price listed on the website to any major sea port with free global shipping included

For sales within the U.S. A buyer selects one of our boats from the website. The customer either pays an order confirmation for building and delivery schedule or they pay for a consultation to finalize their order. Either the hull made ready for engine is shipped to the customer at no extra cost, or we finish the boat turn key and shipping is calculated coast to coast from Cincinnati, Ohio.

For information on business operations or inspection terms please select consultation from the Pay Pal Payment menu. Today's sales policy began in 1998 when worldwide internet sales exceeded regional sales eliminating the need for traditional retail and dealer overhead in favor of saving international customers thousands on a new quality made hull or boat.

For Information & Ordering

  • Please let us know by sending the link to the differences and we will update the prices immediately. We are full time boat builders and not full time web programmers so there are probably web pages that may not be updated as material and shipping costs have increased over the years. Regardless of the price difference when you call or email we will give you the best price we can.
  • There are two ways to make certain of accurate pricing. The best way is to call or email. The second is to click on theses instant quote links for Panga or RHIB boats that can also be found on the left side of our contact page. If you do not see the model you are looking for on the contact page instant quote links then go to the home page and click on this or you can find the shopping cart icon at the top right on the home page or, the lower left side of the contact page, for most boats that will provide instant quote.
  • Some prices are for the bare hull without electrical, steering, fuel tank and other accessories and you are probably looking at an old web page.
  • Some prices are targeted towards container orders for export.
  • Some accessories are priced are only for export and not available in the U.S. so substitute US accessories may cost more. One example is trailers. If you see a low trailer price then are quoted higher it is because the trailer price online is for export only and are much less cost then trailers for the U.S.
  • One reason is shipping. One price may be lower because we only ship free when we sell without engine or accessories. a higher price may mean there are additional shipping costs when accessories are added where we use US substituted accessories rather than export grade accessories.

What are the risks when buying a new boat online?

  • There is zero risk when paying with a letter of credit (L/C). With an L/C No payment is made until the customer receives their order. all orders are fully insured for 110% of the value during shipping and handling.

Special Pricing Terms Or agents Inquiring On Behalf Of Their Customer

  • Regular Prices for all boats and engines can be found on links and boat pages. special pricing includes volume orders, special materials, design engineering, shipping rates and other costs. For pricing on options or accessories a confirmed order advance is required before options and accessories are priced. We offer paid consultation to review further special pricing. Your consultation advance of $350.00 keeps your specialized pricing quote valid for up to six months.
  • Generating any legally binding document such as an invoice, quote, tender or bid or requests for any service or product today or in the future requires an order confirmation advance of $350.00 before any documentation is provided. Once the order confirmation fee of has been received your invoice, quote, bid, or tender for services or products will be sent.
  • There may be an additional premium of up to $1100 above the published price when ordering a single boat depending on the model.
  • With all Orders there also may be additional fee for shipping cradle when trailer is not purchased at the same time.
  • trailer prices may include additional charge for setting the hull on the trailer.
  • With all orders and free shipping orders must be picked up from our designated location in the city destination. Delivery to the buyer's address may add an additional $350.00

Dealer Pricing, Volume Pricing, Design Pricing, Mold Pricing, Other Special Pricing

  • We are pleased to hear your interest in our boat manufacturing services. We offer a special pricing service for $350.00 This advance pays for our time in providing the lowest current prices for your regional requirements in Dealer Pricing, Volume Pricing, Design Pricing, Mold Pricing, Other Special Pricing. This advance is credited to your first order. To get started send us an email and we will send an invoice with bank wire instructions.
  • Step 1. The web site visitor selects a design form the web site, or has a vision for their own custom design. Next they contact us by phone or email with their inquiry.
  • Step 2. The prospective buyer describes their specialized project with expert boat builders, then decides on their requirements based on their specific needs. If they have a general idea but need guidance, we help navigate the 380 page web site containing over 120 hull models, 68 different engine sizes, 24 different sizes and types of trailers, and other accessories, clarifying details when necessary and guide them to the best option based on their unique situation. We have become familiar and understand the nature of boating conditions in regional waterways around the world from Maldives to the Baja Peninsula, from Brisbane to Halifax. By listening to the customer we will know what they will be happy with within their budget.
  • Step 3. Negotiations on accessories, options and terms are established. Negotiations typically take a few days or weeks until an agreement is initiated. There have been times where the purchase took place several months or even a year after terms were agreed to.
  • Step 4. Initiate completion and delivery schedule. There are two ways to initiate an agreement. a. Letter of Credit (L/C) where no payment is made until the customer receives the product. B. In many cases 50% advance then balance when the product is shipped.
  • Step 5. During the order completion and delivery phase, regular updates with photos or videos are sent to the buyer by email. Progress reports are posted on the secure Customer Progress Log
  • Step 6. The order is shipped and buyer receives their new boat on time and on budget. Insurance is available for 110% of the value on the invoice during shipping and handling.
  • When we export boats to your country there are tariffs, import taxes or GST. We offer import research in your destination with a confirmed order or a consultation for $350.00 that is credited to your order. In many case our research has found zero dollar tariff options for many countires.
  • Boats are made to order requiring 14 to 60 days building time and 30 days or less to ship to the destination by sea, road or rail. Experts are standing by, ready to begin your order from start to finish in as little time as necessary then immediately load onto the next available transport to their destination. How long your order will take depends on the level of customization.
  • All prices, references and basic information is available on our web site. If you are able to make a decision to confirm a purchase with an advance payment based on our web site materials and references, then you do not need our services for researching your custom design ideas and an order confirmation is all you need to begin the delivery process.
  • If you are unable to order any of our boats based on website materials, email confirmation of prices and delivery time, we offer our services with detailed specifications, design engineering, volume pricing or customization and specialized options and accessories for $350.00 that is credited to your order when your order is placed.
  • Exclusive contracts with sea, rail, and road transport carriers allow for our shipping costs to stay around $28.00 per foot or less . The boats arrive at the carrier's warehouse where the customer picks up the boat or it is delivered to any commercial address. On the lower part of the contact page there is a video showing how most boats under 39 feet are shipped on a trailer that rolls in and out of the container.
  • We offer a design consultation service that is credited to your order.
  • Reviewing a standard model, standard specifications or custom boat design is estimated at no obligation by phone or email one time.
  • When further research and pricing is requested, we offer a pre-paid consultation for continued research and pricing. This advance also covers generating a 3D autoCaD rendering of the custom boat project concept and the invoice. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.

For Information & Ordering

  • Commercial projects include boat molds, production start up COI for water taxi boats in U.S. waters, special pricing, order confirmation for invoicing
  • We offer a consultation service for pricing commercial boat building and delivery. You pre-paid consultation includes special pricing and engineering research and is applied to your order.

Invoices, Quotes, Volume Pricing, and Tenders

  • Estimates are available by email text or by phone ONE TIME, any additional pricing, research or estimates will require a consultation advance.
  • We offer quote and estimate documentation with our letterhead for an advance of $350.00 that is applied to your order.

Other services listed below are available after a genuine intent to order is established.

  • Test ride appointment service
  • assembly Factory visit appointment service
  • Pre sales boat inspection appointment
  • COD boats by letter of credit application.
  • Your boat, with engine, will receive a U.S. Builders statement form CG-1261 with U.S. serial numbers establishing U.S. origin. Shipping for U.S. origin turn key boats and/or hulls is calculated from Cincinnati, Ohio, Miami, Florida or Long Beach, California depending on the model.
  • Other company details are available to paying customers. To become a paying customer you can pay the basic order confirmation fee. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.

For Information & Ordering

C.O.I. boats

We offer a pre-paid consultation order confirmation for all questions regarding C.O.I. boats. Once the consultation advance or an order confirmation advance on one of the hulls is received we will answer any questions you may have. Hulls priced on the web site are for export and do not include C.O.I. unless indicated. Prior to reviewing specs or pricing on any C.O.I. vessel offered a pre-paid consultation advance is required. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.

For Information & Ordering


  • We can provide documents for your loan and assist in financing with your bank or find financing for you after a consultation fee has been received. has been established.
  • An order confirmation or request for invoice is a commitment to purchase and requires pre-payment ranging from $350.00 to $900.00, depending on the nature of the hull model or consultation. The pre-payment is credited to the final price on an invoice.
  • Order confirmation advance is due when a visitor requests a binding proposal for one hull or turn key boat, volume pricing, an invoice or written quotes.
  • We offer order consultation services a visitor requests business services such as time and research to review details of a custom boat.
  • We offer order confirmation or consultation services when a visitor requests business services such as a face to face meeting with management or to visit the facility
  • We offer order confirmation or consultation services when a visitor requests business services and does not wish to confirmed an order.

Boat inspections, test rides, factory visits?

  • Test rides and factory visit prices range from $1500 to $4500 depending on the model, advances are non refundable and not applied to any order.
  • All boat pricing and specifications are available online.
  • We do not submit bids or tenders for any government or agency outside the U.S. without $350.00 to $900 paid in advance and does not include line drawings or technical data.
  • line drawings are available after a commitment to order has been received. Without a commitment to order line drawings for any vessel will range from $2500 to $10,000 deepening on the vessel and drawing details.
  • Detailed specs of any vessel require commitment to purchase or consultation fee.
  • We offer a dealer sign up advance for $350.00 to receive volume discounts or dealer quotations. advance is credited to your first order. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.

What is the difference between a hull and a boat?

  • Only when a Hull is completed with accessories and engine (s) and made operational as intended is it then referred to as a boat. a HIN number is issued only to turn key boats.

A warranty for any hull or boat must also include product liability insurance. In order to keep prices low, we offer two pricing options.

  • OPTION 1. all boats and hulls are sold without warranty expressed or implied.
  • OPTION 2.Warranty and liability insurance will be calculated and added to the price of a hull or boat after a non refundable order confirmation advance is received.
  • The additional cost of warranty and liability insurance is calculated at time of sale. If warranty with liability insurance terms are not agreed to we are unable to proceed with any agreement.
  • We custom build boats and sell factory direct to the public. We do not have any dealers at this time. All boats are made to order only when an order is placed. We have no standing display models. Test rides with factory tours are $3000.00 and include airfare and hotel to the facility where you can inspect the boats being made as well as arrange live test drive if there is a model available. 20% of this fee can be credited to an order.

Consultation Services

  • CIF definition is Cost Insurance freight. Insurance refers to loss at sea or other loss by the carrier.
  • Insurance against damage during shipping up to 110% of the value is available upon request at time of sale.
  • The insurer will send an adjuster who will determine the amount if any that is covered for claims of damage during shipping.
  • In many cases you can pay 50% advance by Wire transfer or Bank Draft, we then build the hull 100% then send you photos of the completed order. at the time photos are sent the balance payment is due. after we receive balance we ship your order.
  • You can pay with a letter of credit where we do not get paid until you receive the order; the letter of credit add bank fees determined by the amount and require a minimum 15% cash partial payment in advance.

View the links below to see universal documentation for title and Made in USa certification.

Shipping Boats and assembly of Boat Kits

Consulting Topics We offer consulting on Small Passenger boats, Coastwise trade, Inspection For Certification, Commercial and Recreational Boat Design, Global Shipping, Boat transport, Logistical Issues and costs regarding start up production, Managerial accounting Services, Value Costing, International Manufacturing, Workforce training, Marketing and Sales training and much more. Consultation value comes from decades of hands on innovationexperience in global boat manufacturing and sales backed up with M.B.a. and Engineering professionals focused on business development in the marine manufacturing industry. 3D modeling, line drawings, aBS calculations backed up by certified DWG designers, U.S. Naval architects and U.S.C.G. approved Laboratories

Shipping address must be verified. No post office box adresse accepted for shipping address. Shipping address must be physical location.

  • We offer a dealer sign up advance for $350.00 to receive volume discounts or dealer quotations. advance is credited to your first order. You can pay by bank wire transfer (request bank details), mail bank draft (request mailing address),or pay by credit card below.