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Allmand Boats

Current Executive: Todd Allmand - M.B.A. B.S.B.A.

John Allmand founded Allmand Boats in 1965 (History Archives). The company is registered with the United States Coast Guard safe boating database as an active boat manufacturer since 1976. U.S.C.G.regisistered boat manufacturer documentation here. A pioneer in building fiberglass boats at the dawn of the fiberglass era; building thousands of top quality pleasure boats from 16 feet to 34 feet and one off yachts. Enter Allmand Boats into any search engine to see countless listings of boats from the past to the present. In 1977 John Allmand's brother Tom Allmand came on board. Tom's contribution to the company were several new designed sail boats from 23 feet to 35 feet. Allmand Boats soon became the leader in both power and sail pleasure boats. Some collector sites are a site hosted by the Allmand Sail Boat owners. highlights the early power boat models.

By 1990 all original founding family members had long since retired from the business. The office and executive staff needed to manage the large operation also retired. The 60,000 sf factory and assets were sold off. The son of founder John Allmand, continued building custom boats in a 15,000 s.f. shop in South Dade. The new boats were designed with fuel economy and affordability in mind. In 1996 the new design 36' high speed off shore center console was introduced at the Miami Beach Boat Show. The Allmand New Boat model was named the 36 foot Samurai. The model was an instant success, ordered by anglers, and scuba divers wherever there was the need to navigate long distances with 4 to 6 foot seas safely at high speeds. Sold from Nags Head to St Maarten.

In 1998 as a result of the internet global demand exceeded regional demand due to the lack of a dealer network the company enjoyed in the past. Allmand Boats adapted new starategies to accomodate commercial and other retail buyers around the world with diverse design concepts and regional specification requirements. India, Panama, Norway, Uganda, Nigeria, Australia, Kenya and other countries brought about a new business model. Our international customers have a clear idea of what they need. They could not find a manufacturer who will build to their custom designs to meet their regional needs. This became Allmand Boats niche market in the new millennium; building custom and one of a kind boats made for regional needs for international customers. The focus will remain on the international market and the business startegy that goes with it until such a time when investors come forward to finance a large operation in the U.S.which requires, among other things, a dealer network investment strategy, and large office staff in order to effectively compete in the US market.

February 2005 Allmand Boats went to Sri Lanka as a guest of the Parliament as part of international aid in rebuilding of the lost fishing fleet that resulted from the devastating tsunami that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Allmand Boats brought modern technology to the local boat builders and to Blue Star Marine. The mission to rebuild the fishing fleet with modern design technology and export development of fiberglass boat. Among the boats made for export the training and technology was used to make what is termed "Multi Day Fishing Boats" for the local industry. Besides Sri Lanka Allmand Boats helped to develop fiberglass boat building in other remote areas like Papua New Guinea.

Today Allmand Boat customers are individuals from all over the globe from Lagos to the Andaman Islands Game Fish India a custom one off charter sport fishing boat for the Andaman Islands. From Mauritius to Lagos we deliver heavy duty water taxis designed for heavy traffic or offshore sea conditions. Recently we made a one off 29 Panga Cabin boat for a customer in Alaska who wanted a boat for multi day excursions to wilderness lakes. In order to get to the remote lakes required navigating rivers too shallow for V hulled boats. Not to mention an extra thick hull to drive the boat aground on pebble beaches, or bumping into unseen objects in the uncharted waters. He requested a boat like a C-Dory but with more features and accommodations such as hot and cold running water, hot shower, gas cooking, insulated cabin. Instead of a generator this model has a long hardtop that was fitted with solar panels.

We are open 24/7 on both sides of the world to answer questions and get started on your next new Allmand Boat. The Allmand Organization is ready to build your custom boat to fit any budget.

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