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PangaCraft took the best features of the delta keel fuel economy with stable dry ride, combined it with the sleek designs of a modern traditional recreational sport fisherman, then made it tough enough for a commercial work boat. All Monster Panga 34" free board available and are totally customizable from 30' transom mounted engine to 32' full transom inboard or engine bracket

32 x 8'6" Panga Water Taxi with Engine (Instant Online Quotes)

29 foot Panga Boat (right)

Evolution of the Panga cabin boat design is unsurpassed. Smooth safe boating offshore combined with fuel efficient hull design of a Panga gives the best fishing experience available. All models are custom made to order. We offer hulls made ready for engine with free global shipping. We can also rig for you in Cincinnati Ohio.

Panga Boats for sale
Panga Boats for sale

We offer Volume pricing for the boats below (Instant Online Quotes):

Panga Cabin Fishing Boat

What is a Panga boat? a Pangaboat is a special hull design with a delta keel usually flat 2 inches wide at the point of the bow then gets wider as it runs to the rear where is about 16 inches wide, hence the name delta.
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The best affordable panga boats anywhere

The origins of a Panga boat are that of a work boat and a low cost fishing boat for shallow waters and designed to be pulled up onto a beach by village fishermen. Over the years the fuel efficient design has led to sales worldwide. Since then many times we hear about Panga boats priced considerably less than our already low priced Panga hulls and boats. If you would like to know the facts why, please read on, then decide for yourself about Panga boats priced lower than our already low prices that include global shipping

Our Panga hulls, are priced very affordable and built with the best quality you will find anywhere. Our are supervised and managed by U.S. boat building experts using the best materials available. We price our boats with global shipping for less than what other brands cost without shipping. Our customers in remote areas around the globe and U.S. buyers coast to coast have a clear idea and budget of what they are looking for. Our customers do not need to worry about the inconvenience and added cost in dealing when comes to delivery.

Another issue is quality in materials. Did you know fiberglass cloth and gel coat have an expiration date? Did you know that after the expiration date gel coat losses its UV protection and will discolor after a few short months in the sun? Did you know when fiberglass cloth expires it absorbs moisture and becomes stiff causing a whole list of problems that are costly to repair? Did you know what happens to these materials when they expire on the supplier shelf? They are sold or donated to third world countries that have no standards of construction and build boats mainly for village fisherman who cannot afford boats made with new materials and U.S. managed labor.

Here is our challenge. Go to any other build and ask them to build your hull customized just for you with the hull bottom 16 to 18mm thick and the sides 6 to 8 mm thick. Good luck. But that is just how we build every hull so the customer can be confident when running offshore that they have the toughest hull made anywhere.

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* Free Global Shipping applies to production boats made with or without engines sold outside the U.S. Ask for details

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