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PangaCraft 28D is specialy designed for diving with side console and tank racks

Welcome to PangaCraft 28D. The "D" stands for dive boat. We offer side console for maximum deck room and a divers canopy for sun protection. The front has custom made racks for up to ten scuba tanks. Additional side lockers for diving and scuba gear. Also included are divers boarding ladders. Our recreational and commercail dive boat designs are made from the best of fiberglass materials. Panga boats are known for fuel economy and smooth ride. We offer the original delta keel that gives the true dry ride.

With a 10 inch draft our panga boats can run in shallow water as good as any flats boat. Our 23 foot will go 25 mph or better with only a 40 Hp. A 90 Hp on our 23 has been clocked ayt 40 Mph. Same with ut 29 foot panga, with a 150 Hp you can see our video getting to 41 Mph. And getting over 6 mpg with the 23 and 4 mpg with the 29. No one comes close to our quality and low price. see a panga boat with more Hp then see if it really has the tel tale delta keel !

Panga 28D ABC


Panga 28D
Length 8.50m
Beam 2.65m
Depth 0.50m
Draft 0.31m
Transom height 25 inches
Weight 2000kgs
Person 10
Engine applicable Outboard engine 250HP


  • Rails
  • Bow storage
  • Rear storage x 2
  • Fish tank x 2
  • Oxygen cylinder holder x 20
  • Fuel tank 280L
  • Boarding ladder x 2
  • Center console and driver's seat

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Custom Made To Order.

Free Shipping for hull made ready for engine. For turn key boats shipping is calculated from Cincinnati Ohio. Build time takes approximately 60 to 90 days.

Warranty: * Hull warranty 5 years. Parts and accessories 1 year *

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