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25' foot Panga (Instant Online Quotes)

Allmand boats offers the widest selection of models, types and designs of fiberglass boats. From fiberglass recreational boats and pleasure yachts to commercial water taxi, commercial fishing and work boats we offer the best construction, boat building has to offer.

Most classic Allmand boats built from the 1960s through today are still on the water providing in enjoyment to the original or used owners. Virtually of our early boats as early as from 1964 are collected and restored to their original condition condition. We build our panga boats today the same way we did in the past. we figure why mess with success. Building the time tested way means our hulls could last a lifetime. Allmand boats offers custom-made to order designs for every model listed on the website.

25' Panga

PangaCraft 25 Instant Quote Download Details

If you are looking for the highest quality made affordable Panga commercial fishing boats, recreational pleasure boats, and fuel efficient boats you have come to the right page. We are your Panga Boat manufacturer and custom boat builder to fit any budget. If you want a refined finish smooth inner liner we offer this 25 foot Panga boat that is equal in quality to any other brand yet priced factory direct with free global shipping included in all our boat prices. In fact all our boats are priced about the same or less than the competition yet include global shipping and are without question comparable in quality.

The following are just a few of the features you will rarely see in any other Panga for the price. Unlike some so called panga boats for sale ours are the genuine panga design including the delta pad which is the source for the smooth ride in bay chop and the source for why our 25 foot panga boat can cruise 41 mph with just a single 115 horse power outboard. You simply will not find anything like our innovative design features built into every boat.

At this time we have no dealers and sell factory direct to the individual. We build to order. If you can wait 60 to 90 days for delivery we can deliver the best value 25 foot panga fishing boat custom made to your design.

NADA price quote Includes delivery to any major sea port; major city to any commercial address, fuel tank, console, live well tank, cooler - Custom Options priced after advance on hull is paid

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